Immigration Lawyer Fees

There are a few different types of immigration lawyer fees that you may encounter when working with an immigration lawyer. The first type of fee is the consultation fee. This is a fee that is charged for the initial meeting with the lawyer. The second type of fee is the attorney fee, which is a fee that is charged for representation in court or for other legal services. The third type of fee is the filing fee, which is a fee that is charged by the USCIS for certain types of applications.

It is important to be aware of all of these fees before you begin working with an immigration lawyer. This will help you to plan for the overall cost of your immigration process. Be sure to ask your lawyer about any additional fees that may apply.

The filing fees are due upon signing the retainer agreement with Green Card Link prior to rendering the services and the USCIS filing fees are due upon submitting the applications to USCIS.

Some services have a set fee, while others may have a range of prices depending on the complexity of the case and the time frame involved. In some cases, fees may vary depending on the client’s individual circumstances.

It’s important to weigh all the costs when considering whether or not to pursue an immigration case. Apart from the monetary expenses, there are also emotional factors to consider. Green Card Link can’t guarantee that your case will be approved, but we will do everything in our power to submit the proper paperwork and follow up with requests for evidence. You can read what past customers have said about our services in their reviews.

Green Card Link immigration lawyer fees are the most competitive considering the commitment and immigration services provide to clients. Should you have any questions regarding the fees listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact our office to speak with a lawyer.

The following is a list of Green Card Link’s standard rates for various immigration services:


Immigrant Visa / Permanent Residence / Green Card – Employer Sponsored


Employment Based Green Card which requires Labor Certification or PERM

Attorney Fees: $3000 for the PERM processing, $2200 for Form I-140 and, $1500 for Form I-485 / Form I-131 Advance Parole / I-765 Employment Authorization Document

PERM Audit response fee = $900

USCIS Fee: $700. Premium Processing fee: $2500 (optional).


EB-1a Green Card for Extraordinary Ability

Attorney Fee: $5000

USCIS Fee: $700


EB-1b Green Card for Outstanding Researchers / Professors

Attorney Fee: $5000

USCIS Fee:  $700

Premium Processing fee: $2500 (optional)


EB-1C Green Card for Multinational Executives and Managers & L-1A Visa Holders

Attorney Fee: $5000

USCIS Fee: $700


I-485 Adjustment of Status (I-140 Based)

Attorney Fee: $1250

USCIS Fee: $1,225


Green Card through EB2 National Interest Waiver

Attorney Fee: $5000

USCIS Fee: $700


Family-Based Petition filed by a U.S. Citizen

Attorney Fee: $2500

USCIS Fee:  $535

Department of State Fees: $445


Family Based Green Card / Marriage to a U.S. Citizen (filed within U.S.)

Attorney Fee: $1,850

USCIS Fee: $1,760 (I-130: $535; I-485: $1225)


I-751 – Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence

Attorney Fee: $1500 (*Attendance at interview, if applicable, will be an additional charge)

USCIS Fee: $680


Citizenship / N-400 Application for Naturalization

Attorney Fee: $1250

USCIS Fee: $725


Nonimmigrant Work Visas


H-1B Visa

Attorney Fee: $2,300. Please note that the legal fee may be higher in certain complicated cases. In any case, we will provide you a written quote before retaining Green Card Link.

USCIS Fee:  $460 to $2460. Premium Processing fee: $1440 (as of 01/01/2022)


H-4 Visa

Attorney Fee: $450

USCIS Fee:  $370


L-1 Visa

Attorney Fee: $3,800

USCIS Fee:  $460 to $960. Premium Processing fee: $2500 (optional)


E-2 Visa

Attorney Fee:  $3,800

USCIS Fee:  $0 to $460. Premium Processing fee: $2500 (optional)


TN Visa

Attorney Fee: $1,800

USCIS Fee:  $0 to $460. Premium Processing fee: $2500 (optional)


O1 Visa

Attorney Fee: $3,800

USCIS Fee: $460. Premium Processing fee: $2500 (optional)


Other Visas/Green Card


B-1 Business Visa

Attorney Fee:  $1,000

USCIS Fee: n/a

Department of State Fee: $160


B-1 / B-2 Visa – Renewal / Extension or Change of Status

Attorney Fee:  $750

USCIS Fee:  $370 + $85 for Biometrics.


Fiancé Visa

K-1 Visa Petition – For the Fiancé of a US Citizen:

Attorney Fee: $2600 (1/2 due in two stages)

USCIS Fee:  $535




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