What are the Initial Steps of PERM Filing?

What are the Initial Steps of PERM Filing?
Employers or their attorneys need to take the following initial steps to file a labor certification application with PERM system:
A. Register Online:
To file electronically, employers must register through the PERM online system. The employer can start the filing process after the registration is approved.
B. Filing ETA Form 9089:
The complete labor certification application consists of one form, ETA Form 9089–the Application for Permanent Employment Certification. Labor certification applicants are encouraged to file electronically. The application cannot be submitted more than 180 days after the first recruitment step listed on the form. On Form ETA 9089, the employer has to describe the job in detail, any special requirements, and indicate minimum education and experience.
C. Supporting Documentation Does Not Need to be Filed:
Supporting documentation is not submitted with the application. However, the employer retains the documentation in the event of an audit.

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