NIW Case Preparation: How We Prepare your NIW Case

NIW Case Preparation: How We Prepare your NIW Case
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From choosing supporters to drafting petition and recommendation letters, preparing a NIW (National Interest Waiver) petition is a complicated process that requires care and patience. When preparing your case, we take a methodical approach to ensure that every facet of your petition is handled professionally. During petition preparation, our firm considers all of the aspects of your individual petition to increase your chances of NIW (National Interest Waiver) approval.
You will have access to a client packet once the attorney-client relationship is established. The packet will contain information about the services we offer, how the case will progress, and how we intend to help you achieve your goals. It generally takes between 1-4 months to progress from the initial contact to filing the case.
When beginning to prepare your NIW case, we will ask for two documents—a list of potential references, and the questionnaire provided in the client packet.
Questionnaire: The client packet contains a detailed questionnaire where we ask for information about your accomplishments and work. The questionnaire should be filled out with great detail because it will be a vital resource when creating the petition and recommendation letters. Please remember that even though we are legal experts and professionals when it comes to preparing immigration petitions, we are not knowledgeable in your field of expertise. The questionnaire can be used to educate us on your work so that we can explain its importance in your recommendation letters.

Recommendation Letters
Selecting supporters: We will ask for a list of likely supporters before you contact them. You will need to provide basic information about the supporters including which portion of your work they are familiar with, their current position, and their connection to you. After evaluating this information, we will discuss and recommend to you the appropriate choices of supporters. Even though USCIS regulations do not require a specific number of reference letters, usually 3 to 7 letters are appropriate. The unique components of the case will determine the selection and number of supporters needed.
Contacting Supporters: We ask that you contact your prospective supporters after the list has been completed. The law firm will provide sample request phone dialogues and e-mails to help you with your requests. Since most supporters are busy scholars and professors, you can tell them that your attorney will create the letter for them to proof and modify.
Drafting the reference letters: Our services include drafting all of the reference letters for you. This allows us to ensure that the group of reference letters will describe the scope of your work and will contain the required testimonials. We will create the reference letters as soon as the supporters have confirmed their assistance. After we have received the necessary information, we will draft the reference letters within 10 business days as specified in the client contract.
Finalizing the reference letters: We upload the reference letters to the Case Management System for proofing once they are created. You now have the chance to give your opinion and modify the letters. Your suggestions will be considered and the letters will be modified in order to please both the client and the attorney. Then the letters will be sent to the supporters for their review, approval, and signature. Additional modifications will be made if the supporters request changes to the letters.
Petition Letter: Once the reference letters have been modified, finalized and signed, drafting of the petition letter can begin. Our firm will utilize our winning approach and carefully-formulated petition configuration to evaluate your contributions and qualifications to prepare a summarization of your work and a promising legal case. We will draft the petition letter within 10 business days as specified in the client contract. After receiving the draft, you now have the chance to give your opinion and modify the letter. Your suggestions will be considered and the letter will be modified in order to please both the client and the attorney.
Preparing Evidence: The client packet that you receive at the beginning of the process will contain a document list which will explain how to begin gathering evidence. Once the petition is finalized, you should send all of your supporting evidence to your attorney who will then create your NIW file. Careful preparation is a crucial step to NIW approval, and we have developed a procedure to present evidence in an organized and understandable manner. This ensures there is no confusion for the USCIS officers who will then be able to easily review your petition. Refer to our NIW Documents List for more details about required evidence.
Filing Your Case: After we have received the evidence and the petition letter has been finalized, we will assemble your NIW packet and file your petition. Whether e-filing or paper filing, we will submit your case within 3 business days as stated in our contract. Our attorneys will carefully review your evidence before submitting the package to USCIS via mail.

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