Overview of First Preference Employment-Based Immigration

Overview of First Preference Employment-Based Immigration
EB-1A (Aliens of Extraordinary Ability), EB-1B (Outstanding Researchers/Professors), and EB-1C (Multinational Executives/Managers)
A. Introduction
Congress has made green cards easily obtainable for certain researchers and professors, business people, and people with special talents. These people are called priority workers. Non-residents who qualify in this category do not need to obtain a labor certification.
B. Categories
There are 40,000 visas available yearly under this category. Priority workers include:
Non-residents of extraordinary ability in athletics, business, education, sciences, and the arts (EB-1A);
Outstanding researchers and professors (EB-1B); and
Executives and managers of international companies being transferred permanently to the U.S. (EB-1C).
C. Labor Certification not Required
Petitions under the EB-1 category do not need a labor certification before the petition is filed.
D. Self-Petition Allowed for EB-1A

For non-residents of extraordinary ability (EB-1A), not only is labor certification not required but the non-resident does not need to be supported by a U.S. employer. These non-residents may petition for themselves. However, petitioners of EB-1B and EB-1C need sponsorship from a U.S. employer.

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