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RE: Form I-140 Petition of EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) for [The petitioner]

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing this document to support [the petitioner’s] petition for immigration to the U.S. I enthusiastically support the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) application for [the petitioner]. [The petitioner’s] PhD research was concentrated on one vitally important protein-membrane complex, known as the b6f cytochrome complex, which is a fragile molecular contrivance in the photosynthetic membrane which contains at least eight closely connected protein sub-elements and several drug/inhibitor binding sites. The abundant results from the research have significantly enhanced our view of the binding action of drug-link chemicals and trans-membrane trafficking within the membrane proteins.
Because of [the petitioner’s] notable accomplishments during his PhD research, I eagerly invited him to my facility so that he could utilize his wealth of awareness and unique proficiency in protein-membrane function and structure in our analyses of ion channel proteins which are involved in nervous system conditions. My facility in the XXXX Medical Center is an all-inclusive medical research center. As chairman and professor of the Department and Director of the XXXX Center, my research is dedicated to biomedical study, concentrating on XXX. My Curriculum Vitae is enclosed which details my qualifications to endorse [the petitioner] for his EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) immigration application.
[The petitioner] is a remarkably skilled and outstanding professional whose pioneering research work is of critical importance in U.S. biomedical research endeavors and the advancement of public health in the U.S. national scope. His achievements thus far have surpassed those of the majority of his colleagues as proven by the many citations of his works by other colleagues and informative publications in leading scientific journals.
[The petitioner’s] research work strives to challenge the difficulties of neurological disorders. As we know, all neuronal happenings in the brain, e.g., memory, learning, and consciousness, are controlled by the opening and closing of a series of ion channel proteins in the neuronal cell surface that is absorbent to specific ions. When compared to all other ion channels, the BK channel is a distinctive potassium channel that generates an extremely large electrical current. Therefore, the BK channels play a necessary role in the control of neurotransmitter release, neuronal excitability, and neuronal firing in the brain. [The petitioner] has independently specified the biophysical and biochemical properties of the BK channel in the brain and how this channel is dynamically controlled. What we have ascertained from his research endeavor is vitally important for the application and development of new medications targeting the BK channels for many neurological and mental diseases.
Furthermore, [the petitioner] has made the landmark discovery that brain BK channels occur in many dissimilar splicing forms and are significantly phosphorylated at many sites in the mammalian brain. He has collected a robust and comprehensive data set of alternative phosphorylation sites and splicing isoforms on rat brain BK channels. This data represents a plethora of information for defining how neuronal activity is vigorously regulated by the BK channels. The cytochrome b6f complex plays a critical role in the photosynthesis process. [The petitioner] has performed exhaustive research to study the mechanism of proton/electron transfer within the cytochrome b6f complex. He also completed topnotch studies on the distinctive functional and structural properties of solitary copies of solar energy-absorbing pigments within the cytochrome b6f complex. His innovative discoveries have supplied an improved perception of membrane energy transduction in photosynthesis, and vital input into the endeavor to harness photosynthesis to expand the effectiveness of using renewable solar energy and improving crop yield.

I feel privileged to have had [the petitioner] in my research facility. He has done an exceptional job and made a sizeable impact on the research of membrane protein function and structure. His research efforts are well-recognized both nationally and internationally as indicated by considerable citations (more than 70) of his work by other authorities in his field. [The petitioner’s] substantial achievements are above what is accepted from his peer group and have proven him as both a nationally and internationally renowned scholar in the area of membrane protein function and structure. His work is undoubtedly in the national interest of the U.S. I firmly believe that [the petitioner] will be very beneficial in his continued research, and I fully recommend and support his petition for EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) to be approved.
XXX Center Director
XXX Medical Center

About NIW (National Interest Waiver) Reference Letters
We firmly believe that strong recommendation letters are important to a successful NIW petition. For this reason, our firm drafts the reference letters for our clients without adding cost to the client so that customized reference letters will be submitted. Drafting good reference letters is dependent upon an awareness of the USCIS regulations and immigration law which cannot be replaced by templates.
Do not attempt to file an NIW (National Interest Waiver) petition without being fully prepared. This is a major step and should be taken seriously. Because of reckless filings, the timeframe for receiving a green card has recently been prolonged. If your case is rejected, you may refile under the same category. However, great care should be taken to improve your submission or the possibility of another rejection is greatly increased.

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